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Welcome to the Lauberth Lab

The Lauberth Lab is located at the University of California, San Diego on the 3rd floor of Bonner Hall. The primary goal of our research is to investigate the role of epigenetic alterations in the onset and development of human cancer. Toward this goal we are focused on addressing the important biological question, which is how does the deregulation of histone modifications actively contribute to the aberrant expression of genes that are regulated by the tumor suppressor p53? Our research studies will provide detailed mechanistic insight into epigenetic mechanisms and transcription regulation by p53 and will ultimately advance the potential for target based screening approaches, an issue of great significance in light of the recent successes in targeting histone modification effector proteins/readers for developing cancer therapies.

We are accepting applications for highly motivated and talented undergraduate/graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Individuals with a strong background in biology and a record of scientific productivity are encouraged to apply by emailing (slauberth@ucsd.edu) me. Please be specific about your research interests in your email.